Negative Effect Watching Television on Children

Development of technology  so far is so rapidly. Almost all of kind of technology have significant increases, whatever in models, shapes, speed, aplications, and so on. Such as computer, internet, handphone, fan, television, and the other items. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages exactly, included television. I choose this article because i think it will be interesting to read. Television is similar thing for us, and now, it also like a friend for children as long as their day. Most of their time a day is spent for watching TV, because TV is their favourite’s thing.

The Purpose in writing this article is to tell the reader some ways which can be done by parents to shift or to reduce frequency of watching TV on children.

Television has more negative impact than the positive one. So, parents have to create positive activities for their children, such as: gardening, reading book, swimming, etc. Moreover, they also need to control their children through some ways. For example, make a schedule to watch television. It is important to limit the time for watching and train dicipline for children. Then, accompany children watching TV. Because they need guidance which is good or not, which may be watched or not by children. The last but not least, do the other interesting activities to replace watching TV’s time.

Television as a favourite thing for children must be used wisely, because of the negative effects. Parents have to give more attention for their children. It can be done by make a schedule to watch TV. They also can accompany them and do something else as replacement activites for children. Give attention on children in their growth is important. Children must be cared and controled from everything which has the negative influences.

by: Itha