BOS as an accomodation of cost education

Education is one of the important thing for a country which needs to be concerned by the government, also for Indonesia. Indonesian government have made programs for Indonesian education to increase it qualities. One of the programs to increase qualities of Indonesian education is school operational accomodation (Bantuan Operational Sekolah or BOS).

BOS or school operational accomodation, as its name, is a program of the government to fund students of elementary school/ the same level and junior high school/ the same level in Indonesia. This program is associated with 9-years compulsory education program. The target of the program is to make every student lead 9 years education from elementary school until junior high school. Because the cost of education is high whereas there is 9-years compulsory education program, the government thinks the next step to follow up and realize the target. So, it is one of the reason why BOS needs to be held.

BOS is only give a little accomodation to the cost of education. It means that not all the education cost can be free. A school just recommended to free the cost of school month, school tuition fees, and the textbooks. But, for the student uniforms, notebooks and stationary for school, or maybe student’s pocket money still the responsibility of their parents.

The school can’t withdraw another money from student parents or their guardians to cost the school, except, there is an agreement between school committee and them. But, for schools which are included to be an international level or pioneer of international level are allowed to withdraw the other money. Because they need a lot of money to fund the development infrastructure or the other facilities of school to establish and realize international level.

Based on the information from one of teacher’s article in the internet, the school operational accomodation money is difficult to be misused. Because the money which had given by the government must be reported by school every 6 months. And the teachers of the school have a control function to supervise the uses of the funds.

The control function of BOS is not only an additional duty for teachers. But also the parents or guardians of students, employees of the school who know about BOS, and of course the students, all of them should be care and have a sense of belonging to participate. It needs to be controlled because it’s about billions of money which is used to the importance of Indonesian students. Indonesian society also need to know more about BOS and its uses, so the government and school must be transparent to public. BOS as an accomodation of cost education should be supported by all elements to make the government programs succeed and make Indonesian education better.